Sovereign Hill

On 20th of October grades 3\4 went to Sovereign Hill.When we drove to Sovereign Hill, at   the back of the bus boys sang “Wheels on the Bus”.The way was about 1 hour and 45min.         I’ve learnt that live on gold fields wasn’t that easy,for those who worked under ground they were sick of being under ground.I also learnt that kids in those times had lots of rules in school for example they had to bow to the MASTER (teacher) before they came into the classroom and they have to make sure they don’t have a hat on.Another thing that I learn is that peoples tents on gold fields were very uncomfortable and smal and beds even worser than tents.1 thing the thing that I’ll remember forever is that lots of people bought lots of candy.If I had to work on gold fields back in 1851’s I think that I would work in candy shop because Sovereign hill’s candies are awesome).



  1. I loved reading about your experience at Sovereign Hill. I’m glad you learnt so much and had a great day. You added a great photo also.
    Mrs Gleeson

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