Digestive Incursion

The digestive incursion


Have you ever wondered how your food comes in your mouth and then out your bottom?

Well it has a long way of about 1om. And that’s what we learnt on the incursion, information below .


First, sally gave us some gummy candy alike thingies.

Then we had to suck it to see how the saliva (water in your mouth) goes in your mouth when you start to think about them (the gummy candy alike thingies).

First stage of the digestion: the mouth-teeth, tongue, and saliva.👄👅


Then, we had a race /game  so we were put in groups then we were given an old sock without the bottom part and a ping pong ball.

The ame of the game was to be the first group to squeeze the ping pong ball down the old sock while saying the word peristalsis.

Fun Fact: the word peristalsis is the muscular moment of muscle tissues the the oesophagus is made of.

The first group to squeeze the ping pong ball down the old sock got another gummy(each).

Second stage of the digestion: the oesophagus.


After that, sally told about the stomach.

She said that stomach is like a washing machine but instead the water and the soap are the acids and the food is the clothes that whirl around and the stomach is the actual washing machine.

Then finally we were told to go to the tables, and we had to put a slice of bread to a plastic sealable bag with water and we were supposed to mush it around like the stomach would.

Third stage of the digestion: the stomach.


Next, we talked about the small intestine.

She said that it’s about 7 meters so she got out a string that’s 7 meters and me and Will stretched it out and it was nearly as long as the hall horizontally!

Fact Fact: it’s called small intestine because it’s thinner but it’s way bigger.

Then we went back to the tables and we put cocoa and oats to our bread and water mix then it sort of changed into a paste.

Fourth stage of the digestion:the small intestine.


Nearly at the end, sally talked about the large intestine.

At the table we put the paste into a table cloth that was put over a cup and we drained the paste so that it would be out of any liquid and the liquid represented the nutrients and what was left was the poop.The tablecloth was the large intestine.

Final part of the digestion:the large intestine.


Final thoughts It was pretty interesting and we got to touch some parts of the digestive system.

By Mary


Ps. that’s an ox’s tongue, pigs shortens small intestine, and pigs stomach to.







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