How Does the Nervous System Work?

How does the nervous system work?

Have you ever wondered how you do everything without even thinking about it? Well you do think about it, it’s your brain that controls it. Your brain controls all of your  moves, thoughts, tastes, looks, feels, and sounds, also helps all other systems do their jobs.

It’s just like a secretary in a way.

When you touch something a neuron is stimulated and a tiny electrical pulse is created. The pulse travels to the end of the neuron and that’s where the chemicals come in.

The chemical is called neu-ro-trans-mit-ter. The neuron exhales the chemical onto the pulse and when it does that the pulse travels to the next neuron and the process is repeated all over again. All that happens inside one single nerve and you have millions of them!!!!!!!!!!!! So think of how many neurons you have?

But we  didn’t get to the most interesting but weird part. Sometimes the pulse is like a message to the brain. The message travels to the brain, the brain sends a message back like if you’re touching a hot pan, he would say “what the fudge! stop touching that right now!!!!!!”.

So that’s how the brain works

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