Holidays are Holidays

Holidays are Holidays that’s true in fact we have them every term just like that. My holidays were great, what I’m telling you it’s true. Somtimes it was boring but at least not pouring. Let’s start from the bigining of the Miraculus tale strait… from the old whale.

Like I said somtimes it was borin but not poring. The first week was lazy we didn’t do mutch but stuff started on Friday. We had this house rented in Rye for Friday, weekend and Monday. The house wasn’t a mansion but it was cozy and full on white; did I mension the wether and that the beach was 50m away. we went with Ola’s (grade 1) family.

An exiting thing also was that I got to see “Matilda” the musical. It was spectacularly Miraculus. The rest of the holidays were nothing more then playground with Iggy and stuff like that.

How were your holidays?

What was your favourite part?

Marvoulus Mary going offline adios. Have a 13984_1362688875_521063day



  1. Hi Mary ,

    I love your Blog Post
    You Really Hooked the Reader in With a good Hook and Introduction
    Hope you Had a Great Holiday
    And Bye .

    From Mia. M

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